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July is a very special month because it's my shops birthday. To celebrate the two years birthday, I decided to give a big step and created a new website, all by myself! I'm really happy to have you here and I'm excited to include you on this special moment :) 

Since this website is just starting and since I always love seeing the face behind the brand, I think we should start with a little presentation. 

So... Hi! My name is Cláudia and I live in Lisbon, Portugal. I use planners since I can remember but I got into decorative planning when I started college, in 2013. I always had that mentality of "Why buy it when you can make it?" so, since 2013, I always tried to make my inserts and stickers. My Student Plan was created on 2016 because I found that a lot of people would be interested on the things I made for my planner. 

Currently I'm the only one working on the shop. Occasionally I collaborate with another designers to make my patterns or I work with my family when orders come in much faster than what I can make by myself. 


Each order is truly handmade with love and your support means so much more than just the money. Remember that behind a small business there's one person working a lot to get things done and your order means a lot to the business owner. 


By supporting this little shop you are responsible for a happy dance! 


If you read this post until the end, here's a little bonus: IGIVEYOUAHAPPYDANCE for 20% off your order 

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