A5 Hourly Inserts | WO2P

A5 Hourly Inserts | WO2P

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  • Handmade;
  • Inserts size: A5;
  • You can pick the beginning month;
  • Printed on both sides on 120gm paper. This paper is thicker and smoother than regular printing paper. 


About the Inserts:
  • Available in six months or one year.
  • Six months: Comes with approximately 28 punched pages (27 weeks).
  • One year: Comes with approximately 54 punched pages (53 weeks).


About Shipping
  • Shipping price includes tracking (however, if you are outside of Europe, tracking won't work once your order leaves my country).


Please note that the colors in these pictures may vary slightly from the product due to computer screen settings.


Let me know if something isn't right and I'll try my best to solve it! Any questions? Let me know as well, I respond within a couple of hours.

Processing times: 1 to 5 business days.


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